It's All (In) Your Head


Sat, 7 October - 7:00 PM Adults $22
Concession and FOB $18

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Sat, 7 October - 7:00 PM

Life is hard - particularly if you tend to overthink everything. Now add in the stresses of day to day life; expectations that you can never seem to meet; and a society that doesn't seem to quite understand you... it sounds like a difficult existence doesn't it? Well welcome to the life of someone who suffers with a ‘mental-health’ condition.

It’s All (In) Your Head is a play about mental health in its various forms. More importantly though, this play explores what we as a society can do to help ease the stigma surrounding mental health. This experimental production is an amalgamation of music, dance, visual-media and traditional theatre, and portrays a series of visceral contemporary short-stories that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure.

It's All (In) Your Head is a big play with an even bigger heart - one that aims to put the ‘Community' back in ‘Community Theatre’. A must-see show that is relevant for teenagers and adults alike.