Brolga Backstage Workshop


Tue, 16 to Thu, 18 January All Tickets $25.00 includes lunch
16-18 January 9.00am to 4.00pm
Bookings essential as spaces are limited

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Tue, 16 to Thu, 18 January

Theatre buffs, community performers, tech heads and curious minds are invited to participate in a 3 day hands-on workshop to learn the technical aspects of theatre.

Led by the Brolga Theatre’s two qualified technicians, this workshop will provide insights into theatre directly from the people who work with world-class shows in the Brolga Theatre. The workshop will cover a broad range of areas commencing with a general overview and introduction to concepts before breaking into four separate workshops for the major technical areas of sound, lighting, staging, and flying systems. All participants will have the opportunity to partake each workshop giving them exposure to the skills and tasks required for each area.

Through these workshops, the Brolga Theatre aims to:

  1. Introduce participants to all aspects of theatrical crewing, lighting, sound, staging and flying.
  2. Better inform community performers of the requirements and restraints of set design, flying, sound and lighting at the Brolga Theatre.
  3. Teach basic skills required to setup, check functionality and operate
    1. P.A. microphones and fold back
    2. Lighting, focus and colour
    3. Stage power and safety
    4. Flying, including set engineering, loading and flying loads in both white light and show conditions.
    5. Set construction techniques and scenery changing constraints (trucking sets)
  4. Provide participants with information on careers in the Lighting and Sound industry.

This is a 3 day workshop. Recommended for people aged 16+.