Paper from Permaculture Workshops with Zela Bissett

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Sat, 2 June - All Day

Papermaking is an art form which is very compatible with local food growing and permaculture gardening. Artist, gardener and slow food cook Zela Bissett is offering a two hour (edible) papermaking workshop. Participants will get to make (and keep) sheets of botanical paper derived from common garden plants including ginger, okra, onion skins and turmeric.


About the Artist:

Born in Maryborough, Queensland in 1954, Zela was the eldest of three daughters. Zela loved to draw and especially to undertake pencil portraits of friends and family, producing remarkable likenesses from an early age. Zela’s works so far have included study units for primary and secondary schools aligned to the Australian curriculum in science and sustainability, short courses for teachers and natural resource management professionals. Her life experiences have given her unique philosophy and values that she incorporates in her workshops, events and artworks.