Two sides to an Artist" "Nothing New II' and "Things I Dream About" - Marlies Oakley

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Mon, 4 February to Sun, 3 March

Two Sides to an Artist:  “Nothing New II” and “Things I Dream About”

Things I Dream About is part of a series of large collage works that explore the images and visions that are a collaboration with the subconscious dream state. 

These collages are like memories, often fragmented, incomplete and overlapping where sometimes reality and illusion collide. Her works take existing images and re-interpret them by juxtaposition, dislocation and transformation often adding surreal and unexpected twists metamorphosing them into something new.

Each of these works is large in scale, which allows for the dream to evolve over time as objects are placed, moved, rearranged until they find their final resting place.

The results are visually stimulating and thought provoking.


Nothing New II is a culmination of a number of her passions, collage, repetition and iconic images.

Whilst Nothing New? revolved around  iconic portraits, Nothing New II explores the world of well-known  paintings and instead of using a more traditional medium such as oils or watercolours she likes to think of her painting medium as "recycled postage stamps", which she hand cuts and mixes together to get her colour palette, whilst still retaining the integrity of the original stamps.

Nothing New II is an extension of the original body of work, and allows for endless possibilities to pursue what is an absorbing passion, and includes her award winning interpretation of Van Eyke’s “Man with a Red Turban” alongside, Gustav Klimt’s “ The Kiss” and Grant Woods “American Gothic”.