Welcome to the Lucky Country - Veronika Zeil & Ainslie McMahon


Fri, 15 March to Sun, 28 April Free

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Fri, 15 March to Sun, 28 April

This is an exhibition of the most recent artworks by artists Ainslie McMahon and Veronika Zeil. Expressive paintings, mosaics and sculptures tune into contemporary Australian spirit.

McMahon’s work is defined by a sense of place and identity through strong local connections to land and community. She explores the psychological effects of walking and painting familiar spaces. Her artworks reflect these experiences and universal themes of fragility and strength, growth and destruction.

Zeil’s work draws on her experience of migrating to Australia and her response to new surroundings. She incorporates themes of adaptation, exploration of place, self-awareness nostalgia and joy of life in her paintings, sculptures and mosaics.