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Fri, 5 April - 10:00 AM Free - bookings required.

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Vintage Film 2019 Fri, 5 April - 10:00 AM

In this undeniable gem of Hollywood’s golden age, Walter, a hard-boiled newspaper editor, discovers that his ex-wife and former employee, Hildy, is set to marry a wet-blanket insurance salesman. Walter, certain that this is the wrong move for a strong-willed and ambitious woman such as Hildy, decides to sabotage her marital plans by enticing her with one last story--the execution of a convicted murderer.

A classic of the Screwball Rom-Com genre, His Girl Friday delivers the quick wit - and quicker dialogue - that only a pair like  Hollywood legends Cary Grant and Rosalind Russel can!

Where: Tiaro Library
Date: Friday 5 April
Time: 10am

Bookings essential, please contact the Tiaro Library on 4129 2453 or book online