Voodootantra - Marnie Koster - Exhibition


Tue, 30 April to Sun, 26 May Free

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 07 4190 5723

Tue, 30 April to Sun, 26 May

Marnie Koster's purpose is to make this world a happier place. Happier nature, happier animals and happier children. She uses her passion for art to create positive visual imagery that she presents to the world through social media, posters and T-shirts.

Marnie loves that her art triggers positive reactions in people, even if a reaction only lasts a moment.  Marnie is a strong believer in the effects of energy and she believes that every positive thought that I can place into another person’s life helps shift our evolutionary future towards a positive direction. Hopefully her visual images will butterfly effect positive vibes and she can participate in doing my part for the future.