Ode to Joy - Exhibition


Fri, 3 May to Sun, 9 June Free
Open 7 days 10am - 4pm

 [email protected]
 074197 4206

Fri, 3 May to Sun, 9 June

Ode to Joy is Priscilla’s first solo exhibition, and has been gestating for over 3 years.  It is a response from her rejection of societies blind acceptance of the depressed state, and her perceived obsession of societies negativity.

Priscilla challenged herself to look outside the box to reach out to communicate to others through her vibrant art and positive outlook, a message of hope that overcoming sadness and the negative energies of life, is held within our own self.

Ode To Joy is a visually stimulating collection of acrylic contemporary paintings and three dimensional unique creativity, to inspire extended moments of optimism and happiness.

It explores the potential for art to define a positive and joyful emotion. A provocative invitation to define the inner child, to feel encouraged, and to look to the positives with humour.

Exhibition Opening: Art After Dark

Fri, 10 May - 6:00 PM

Exhibition opening of current exhibitions at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery.

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