Hope - Masks


Fri, 10 May to Sun, 16 June Free
Open 7 days 10am - 4pm

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 074197 4206

Fri, 10 May to Sun, 16 June

The Exhibition “HOPE” deals with the “ Masks” used in Radiation Therapy. These are skilfully and beautifully made, each one individually made for that particular person and the therapy they are having. They are beautiful , but also a cage which holds the person tightly in place while allowing the life-saving light to penetrate to the exact area, to the exact depth needed, to heal.

These masks became a symbol of “Hope” for us. Each Mask represents a person who has been through Radiation Therapy and who also holds that “Hope” for the future.

Exhibition opening 10 May, 6pm.

Exhibition Opening: Art After Dark

Fri, 10 May - 6:00 PM

Exhibition opening of current exhibitions at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery.

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