Chinese Woodblock Printing and Calligraphic Drawing Workshop


Sat, 20 April - 10:00 AM Free

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 4190 5723

Sat, 20 April - 10:00 AM

Chinese engraved block printing developed during the Tang Dynasty (618-906). It was inscribed into the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

It prevails as a folk art with New Year Pictures or 年画 remaining a mainstay of Spring Festival traditions. Participants of this workshop will create prints using a variety of woodblocks.

They will then embellish their compositions with calligraphic style drawing. In reference to first secular European woodblock illustrations during the fifteenth century, the motifs will be of a botanical nature.

Open to ages 5 - 65+

Bookings are required by contact Gatakers on 4190 5723.