Roald Dahl's The Twits


Tue, 10 September - 11:00 AM Adult - $20.00
Child (12 and under) - $18.00
Family (2A,2C) - $17.50ea

Duration - 50 minutes plus 10 minute Q and A

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Tue, 10 September - 11:00 AM

SPARE PARTS PUPPET THEATRE presents Roald Dahl’s The Twits

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly.” – Roald Dahl, The Twits

A new razztwizzling adaption of Roald Dahl’s very irreverent classic, The Twits takes you into the world of grumpy old couple, Mrs and Mrs Twit who haven’t had a good thought or done a kind thing in years. They like nothing more than dreaming up terrible tricks to play on each other. They are bound to put a grizzly grin on your face!

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s director, Michael Barlow (Nobody Owns the Moon, Fox, Miss Lily’s Fabulous Feather Boa), said that The Twits is a classic Dahl comedy of a pair of horrible bullies getting their just desserts in the end.

Mr and Mrs Twit are terrible people but very funny characters and it’s so satisfying seeing Muggle-Wump and the Roly-Poly Bird outwit them,” he said.Roald Dahl has a special gift for making fun of adults who treat children unfairly and our heroes can only win by breaking the rules and playing a few tricks of their own. As laugh-out-loud entertaining as The Twits is, it is a great show for encouraging us all to think about how we treat each other.”

The Twits is a ringbeller adventure of scrottiness and goodness, rebellion and justice. The show’s gloriumptious blend of comedy and puppetry is the perfect way to have a whoopsy wiffling time this summer with the whole family.

Drag the chiddlers away from the telly telly bunkum box and join us for this razztwizzling adaption of The Twits - Roald Dahl in his purest form – unsentimental, grotesque and a lot of fun! The Twits is co-created by Humphrey Bower (Tales from Outer Suburbia) and Michael Barlow, designed by Leon Hendroff (Nobody Owns the Moon, Fox, Moominpappa at Sea, Rules of Summer) and Perth comedian Sam Longley as assistant director. All the characters in The Twits are played by highly experienced performers, Jessica Harlond-Kenny (Hachiko, The Velveteen Rabbit, Harebrain) and Fringe World’s Martin Sims award-winner, Geordie Crawley.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is one of the longest running theatre companies in Western Australia and is Australia’s flagship puppetry company. Its extensive annual program includes four metropolitan performance seasons, industry training and puppetry workshops, and an extensive touring program across regional WA and the nation.

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