Near and Far Away


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Fri, 25 October to Sun, 1 December
Wilhelmus Breikers,

“Near and Far Away”, by Wilhelmus Breikers, is an exhibition of drawings and paintings that reflect their inspirational origins, from nearby River Heads to faraway Yorkshire, and that are also a contemporary response to subject.

When making art Wilhelmus frequently starts with representational studies, an approach that imbues the work with a literalness that is as a doorway to the beauty of the landscapes the artist encounters. Then the artwork becomes a space in which interest in the subject searches for common ground with the question of art for its own sake and art for the sake of something else.

The title is both a metaphor for connection with landscape and its stories and a reference to locations near and far away.

Image:  Dundathu, 2017, acrylic on canvas (67x57cm). Image courtesy of the artist.



Exhibition Opening: Art After Dark

Fri, 25 October - 6:00 PM

Exhibition opening of current exhibitions at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery.

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