Australian Horseball Association National Championships


Sat, 14 to Sun, 15 December Spectators Free & Welcome

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Sat, 14 to Sun, 15 December

Horseball was introduced to Australia in 2009 following the sport’s popularity throughout Europe.

The action packed sport involves two teams of four players vying for possession of a leather-bound ball.

The attacking team must make a minimum of three passes between their team members before shooting the ball through a hoop-shaped vertical goal.

The defensive team can protect their goal by pushing opponents out of the playing area using their horse's weight or have the possibility to get alongside the players and pull the ball from their hands.

Horseball is a great team sport requiring a high degree of horsemanship and dexterity played over two 10 minute halves.

It's often referred to as a cross between basketball and rugby or even quidditch - just on horseback!\

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