Flows & Fractures - Cate Verney & Kerry Harrison


Wed, 4 to Sun, 29 September Free

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Wed, 4 to Sun, 29 September

Cate Verney – We walk on earth every day without thinking about what is underfoot.  Cate would like people to cast their minds to what is below, that there is structure, life and movement.  Her work endeavours to show the beauty of that structure.

Kerry Harrison – Initially inspired by aerial views of the Queensland coast shown on Google Earth and then progressed to trees and the scenes around me.   Kerry has tried to show the landscape in moving forms with turbulent skies, sweeping clouds, the motion of land falling and rising across a landscape, trees dancing in the wind and rivers sweeping through. From above, there are beautiful patterns in the landscape made by weather, animals, tyre tracks and dry riverbeds.  The movement of life is evident because the landscape is a living, breathing group of organs that we too rarely notice or think about.

Exhibition opening 6pm - 6 September, 2019

Exhibition Opening

Fri, 6 September - 6:00 PM

Meet the artists and discover the inspiration behind their artworks

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