Inna Mungstit - Jillanne Cahill


Wed, 30 October to Sun, 24 November Free

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Wed, 30 October to Sun, 24 November

This body of work captures an abstract play of colour, line and sometimes texture that invites a connection with the viewers and has been inspired by trees of inland living to the oceans and foliage of coastal living.

An eye for colour and design developed at an early age helping her father in his art business and with this Jillanne has drawn her inspiration from the natural surroundings she has inhabited, returning to Hervey Bay after a ten year stint in Biggenden.  

Jillanne's appreciation for the changing colours and textures living inland provided her, and now back in Hervey Bay by the water allows her to experience the  beach walks visually appreciating the textures of pandanas and palms whilst the colours from the sky reflect and dance upon the water and sand, all of which has contributing to this exhibition “Inna Mungstit”.

Exhibition opening 6pm - 1 November, 2019

Exhibition Opening

Fri, 1 November - 6:00 PM

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