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Wed, 4 September - 9:30 AM Free - bookings required.

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LHT - John Andersen Wed, 4 September - 9:30 AM

Moments in Time: A Pictorial History of Hervey Bay and Surrounds
Presented by John Andersen

Moments in Time; a Pictorial History of Hervey Bay and Surrounds, 1890 to 2018 compiled by John Andersen of Hervey Bay Village and Museum is a pictorial history of Hervey Bay and surrounds. Many of the hundreds of photographs are in print for the first time and the book features many never before seen prints of glass negatives featuring local scenes and people dating back to the 1890s. These are extremely rare and give a glimpse of life on the Fraser Coast as lived by our pioneers.

The book also includes some 17 panagrams, (panoramic views), of Hervey Bay in 1950, many of which have not been previously reproduced. A set of local postcards from 1920 show the great changes that have occurred as the Hervey Bay of today developed from the hamlets of yesteryear. Captured by the local photographer of the time, these fascinating pictures are an amazing insight into our past. The book consists of 30 chapters containing hundreds of photographs, each with a story to tell.

Hervey Bay Library | Wednesday 4th September | 9:30-10:30am

Bookings required, please call the Hervey Bay Library on 4197 4220 or book online through frasercoastlibraries.eventbrite.com