Heart of Kgari - Various Artists


Sat, 5 December to Sat, 16 January Free
Temporary Hours to due COVID-19 Restrictions.
Open Monday to Saturday 10am - 2pm
Closed Sunday

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Sat, 5 December to Sat, 16 January

This exhibition showcases nine artists who have worked on various responses to their visit to K'gari.  Styles span contemporary realism, abstract and representational, while genres include paintings, drawings, prints and sculptural work.

Most spent time on the island in November 2019 as a group, exploring its features and discussing the significance of various aspects, around which we developed work individually in our studios.

The nine artists include: Sarah Cooper, Gina Davey, Georgie Dee, Belinda Green, Valerie  McIntosh, David Probyn, Leticia Pujol, John Purnell and Susan Standley.

Image: David Probyn "Maheno decomposition" Mixed Media