Mary Poppins

Experience the magic of Mary Poppins

With Maryborough's heritage streetscapes as the setting you can jump right into the magical, enchanting world of Mary Poppins, the world's most loved nanny. Maryborough is the birthplace of Pamela Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins and the city offers a number of enchanting and magical Mary Poppins experiences for young and old!

  • Celebrate Maryborough’s impressive heritage and its unique connection with Mary Poppins as the birthplace of her creator, Pamela Travers.
  • Have your photo taken with the world' famous Mary Poppins statue, outside the author's heritage listed birthplace.
  • Follow the Magical Mary Trail - an interactive trail to learn “all about Mary” - the city, its significant architecture features, its namesake the Mary River and of course the city‘s most famous Mary of all – Mary Poppins.
  • Discover information and snippets about the life and achievements of Pamela Travers and delight in some of the potent phrases, wit and magic contained within the novels.
  • Search the rooftops to see enchanting Mary Poppins characters appear to magically step out from the pages of the famous books.   
  • Unlock some serendipitous links between the Maryborough of old, the Mary Poppins novels and the famous Disney movie which made her a household name.
  • Join in the mad cap fun of the annual Mary Poppins Festival held the first week in July