5. Bond Store

5. Bond Store
101 Wharf Street

The Bond Store is one of the earliest surviving brick buildings in Maryborough and was built in several stages from 1863. For many years it served as a store for goods being processed by the adjacent Customs House.

Maryborough was declared a Port of Entry in 1859 and a municipality in 1861. A Sub-Collector of Customs, Richard Bingham Sheridan was appointed in 1859 and a new Customs House built in 1861. As trade increased through the Port of Maryborough, the Government made provision for £500 to be spent on the construction of a  Government Bond Store in which to store goods.

The contract was let in 1864 to William Hope and a simple rectangular single-storeyed brick building was constructed to the south east of the first Customs House. The design of this section of the current Bond Store has been attributed to Queensland’s first Colonial Architect, Charles Tiffin, who also designed around 300 Queensland buildings including Houses of Parliament (1864), Ipswich Courthouse (1859),
Maryborough Post Office (1865–66) and the Sandy Cape Lighthouse (1867–70).

Maryborough was the closest port to the new goldfields of Gympie, leading to further growth and the need for a larger Bond Store. A second storey added in 1870, along with an adjoining two-storey section between the original building and Wharf Street, created an L-shaped structure with an entrance to Wharf Street. It was built by Martin Geraghty for £1059.

A railway linking Gympie and Maryborough, completed in 1880, initiated another expansion of the Bond Store. An addition in 1883 transformed the building into a square structure with two entrances to Wharf Street.

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