7. Gatakers Artspace

7. Gatakers Artspace
311 Kent Street

BUILT IN 1868, 311 Kent Street was a store for the owner of the land, Robert Travis, of the wholesale and retail firm, Robert Travis and Co.  Travis was a very successful merchant and a director of the first sugar company in the district. He was also a part owner in two ships that brought South Sea Islanders to Queensland as indentured labourers.

The timing of the construction of this building was extremely fortuitous as James Nash had just found gold at Gympie, sparking a gold rush. Being the closest port, Maryborough was flooded with potential customers for Travis as miners arrived to seek their fortune and Gympie rapidly developed, requiring provisions. As soon
as the building was completed, Travis began planning for further expansion.

The Middle Warehouse (now Gatakers Artspace) was constructed for Travis in 1869. It
is a two-storey English bond brick building with a corrugated iron gable roof and two-storey brick lean-to at the south end. It has now been adaptively reused as an art gallery.

Open 10am - 3pm

WHILE YOU ARE HERE: Objects tell a story, to coincide with Maryborough Open House Gatakers Artspace will be showcasing the stories of our community through objects.