8. Garden of Eden

8. Garden of Eden
182 Cheapside Street, Maryborough

This enchanting garden, aptly named “ Garden of Eden’, is lovingly and wholly tended by sisters, Joanne and Rhonda.

Their eye for detail and creativity is evident throughout this fairytale garden. Many
interesting features of yesteryear are a delight for young children and the not so young. There are whimsical clay animals, an antique backyard dunny which is now the tool shed and a cubbyhouse.

Pebbled and paved pathways, surrounded by lush greenery and flowers bursting with colour, take you to each surprising discovery. Many of the materials that have been used are recycled, including bricks and old split rails.

As one meanders through ‘Garden of Eden’ the hard work and commitment from these sisters will be readily appreciated and acknowledged by all visitors