7. Kent Street, Maryborough

7. Kent Street, Maryborough
599 Kent Street, Maryborough

The Kent Street property was bought in 1946 by Percy and Lorraine Crittall, the owner’s
parents, and was covered with camphor laurel and other trees. Lorraine was a florist and obviously needed a garden, so everything developed from there. With the help of neighbour Cliff Smith, Percy made concrete edges for the formal garden beds. The mould for these edges is still kept at the house.

After the deaths of both Percy and Lorraine, the current owners moved back to the home in 1974. The garden remained in the same format for a number of years with three large beds where the circular garden is now situated. In the ‘80s there were bare patches in the lawn from the shade of the large frangipani tree and so began the transformation of the garden to what it is today.

Most of the old garden edges were removed and machine laid edging was put in their place. In the early ‘90s an automatic watering system was installed as there was no time to water such a large area while working full time. When water rates were introduced, a bore was installed to maintain the gardens.

Some plants are the same ones which Lorraine and Percy planted years ago. The Goldenrod (Solidago) which flowers at Easter was used at their wedding.

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