2. Elizabeth Street

2. Elizabeth Street
9 Elizabeth Street, Maryborough

To compliment the 130 year old federation style home originally owned by the Hart family (of Wilson Hart sawmillers fame), a formal garden has been developed over the past 36 years by the current owners.

To keep pest and disease management to a minimum, hardy plants have been selected that enjoy the sub-tropical climate of Maryborough.
Colour has been achieved by selecting plants with bright foliage rather than relying heavily on flowers.

Mock orange, lilly pillies, aussie gold, pink malay and gardenias have been used for the extensive hedges to create separate “rooms” in the garden. Numerous pathways, incorporating arbours,  link these rooms – each of which has its own identity. The riverbank has been terraced and includes fruit trees and bee hives.
Approximately 100 orchids are randomly placed in the garden with many attached to the various species of palm trees.

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