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Our people are the heart of our Fraser Coast. They are the strength of our community and the drivers behind our cultural diversity. Here are just some of the stories of the many interesting people and places of our Fraser Coast.

What's The Story? By Logan Dudley

What's The Story? By Logan Dudley

Posted on 30 Jul 2017 by Our Fraser Coast

I think it’s a hat from a war that blew onto a plane and someone found it and took it and when he/she died their relatives found it and donated it to a museum. Then, P.L. Travers walked into a museum one day and saw it. She made the world famous story Mary Poppins based on the story relatives of the ancestors of the man that found it.

The story of the ancestors sounded like this.

It was the hat that belonged to the husband of a lady that got re-married after he died in war. The friend of the lady’s husband survived and returned that hat to his wife. When she died it was passed down to one of her sons that went to the airport and lost it.

Where is it now?

The End!

Congratulations to Logan Dudley who was one of three winners of our What's The Story? competition held during the 2017 Mary Poppins Festival.

Take a peek inside the cabinets at The Hub on Kent Street in Maryborough. What do you think is the story behind the objects? Share your story with us.

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