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Our people are the heart of our Fraser Coast. They are the strength of our community and the drivers behind our cultural diversity. Here are just some of the stories of the many interesting people and places of our Fraser Coast.

Artist Profile: Janet Heisner

Artist Profile: Janet Heisner

Posted on 27 Nov 2018 by Our Fraser Coast

These exhibition works relate to the many “Journeys” we go through in our lives, the geographical journey of seeing new places and people, the emotional journeys of love, life and death and the spiritual journeys of looking into ourselves and others.

"In my spiritual journeys I looked at other religions and also at the different aspects of myself, as in Contemplating the Divine and Feminine Energies."

Some of the works relate to the physical stays in other lands, such as Kyrgyzstan, Austria, East Timor, Jordan and Africa. Sometimes it’s the children that make the most impact, like the children of East Timor who were still smiling and laughing after their country was ravaged by war.

With the emotional journeys in my life, I felt that abstract art interpreted and expressed my feelings in the best and purest way, as in Sacred Space.
All of these different “Journeys” in our lives run concurrently and sometimes weave in and out of each other to create this wonderful holographic tapestry we call life.

I hope as an artist my works show you the more in depth and intricate patterns of life, not as  photographs show us in static 2D, but as our souls see -  colourfully, intensely and passionately.

Journeys is on exhibit at the Fraser Coast Cultural Centre from Friday 1 February to Sunday 10 March.

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