Our Stories

Our people are the heart of our Fraser Coast. They are the strength of our community and the drivers behind our cultural diversity. Here are just some of the stories of the many interesting people and places of our Fraser Coast.


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Artist Profile: Joyce Bott

"To me living a creative life where art fills my days continues to be an incredibly rewarding way of life."

Performer Profile: Frank Marsh

"The mere fact that someone can appreciate music is a great gift. To be able to play is the greatest gift of all."

A new space to create

Fraser Coast artists now have a place in Hervey Bay where they can officially make mess with opening of the new Fraser Coast Creative Space. 

Performer Profile: Al Davies

"The warm climate and relaxed atmosphere, are the ingredients that drive my passion."

Artist Profile: Susie Lewis

"But way beyond sharing just the surface of our works, we have a community that support and encourage progression of skills and ideas and seek to push us all to new creative heights."

Community Profile: Maryborough Choral Society

"We obviously love music, and we'd like the Fraser Coast to share our passion and gain a deeper appreciation of culture."

What’s The Story? Jhazara Taylor

It was a dark, stormy night, the wind was deafening, the rain was like needles on faces and on the body. The lightning was blinding and thunder like the mighty roar of a lion. Little streams turned into giant, rough rivers and the sky was black, as black could be.

What’s The Story? By Sophie, Tilly, Jamee and Liam

For the chair is not a chair at all but a time portal!  That’s correct! I’m not pulling your leg.

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