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Artist Profile: Susie Lewis

Artist Profile: Susie Lewis

Posted on 04 Oct 2017 by Our Fraser Coast

"Creativity is more than just a process that I move through, it is a fundamental part of understanding who I am. I have a million different thoughts zipping through my mind at any given time and art gives me a place to slow down and explore some of those ideas, and in that space, I gain clarity and a sense of peace. 

On the Fraser Coast we have a truly vibrant, interesting and progressive collective that continue to wow with talent and skill. 

But way beyond sharing just the surface of our works, we have a community that support and encourage progression of skills and ideas and seek to push us all to new creative heights.

Add to that mix in what may be the best reward of belonging to the cultural community of the Fraser Coast, is the beautiful friendships we develop and share."

See Susie's work at "Battlefield" by Susie Lewis & Hayley Groves George, exhibiting at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery from Fri 27 Oct – Sun 3 Dec.