Fraser Island - History and Culture



Many archaeological remains on Fraser Island record thousands of years of culture and traditions. Middens, artifact scatters, scarred trees and campsites bear witness to the lifestyles of the Butchulla people who have inhabited the island and the mainland for over 5000 years.


Paradise is such an overworked and over rated term used in glossy tourist brochures the world over but on the Fraser Coast, our claim on paradise is lodged in the sands of time. "K'gari" is the name given by the Butchulla Aborigines to their Fraser Island home.  It means paradise.

Many places around the Fraser Coast have Aboriginal names.  Tiaro means "withered tree" while the Wongi waterholes mean "deep water".  Simple and descriptive, places were named with little exaggeration, so to call Fraser Island paradise was simply because it is.

Did you know ... Fraser Island legend tells of K'gari, the helper of Yendingie, sent by god Beiral to create the lands and forests for his people. K'gari persuaded him to let her stay - not as a spirit but as a beautiful island with mirror lakes for her to see into the sky.