Maryborough Story Trail 

The Maryborough Story Trail project aims to create a unique cultural tourism experience that shares the stories, old and new, of our city.  
This ongoing project involves the creation of a public arts and cultural trail that links the Heritage CBD and Portside precincts.
By working with our local arts and cultural community, we will be bringing our favourite stories and characters to life through many varied forms of creative public art and story telling methods including but not limited to:
  • temporary public art works in the Maryborough CBD
  • rotational displays in the Kent Street Hub story windows
  • rotational audio visual stories shown on the story boxes throughout the Maryborough CBD
  • potential new public art infrastructure in the Maryborough CBD
  • rotational displays and audio visual stories within the Customs House and Bond Store museums

What's your story?

Community input into the development of the trail is encouraged and there are many ways you can be involved.

You can become involved in this project and follow its progress at or by one of the ways below.


An enchanting public art and cultural trail
that shares the stories, old and new,
of a city rich in memories and voices from the past.

Birthplace of storyteller PL Travers

Did you know, Maryborough is the birthplace of one of the world’s greatest story tellers, PL Travers, creator of Mary Poppins.  

Travers was born in 1899 in an upstairs bedroom of 331 Kent Street. Her father was the manager of the Australian Join Stock Bank and the family lived a short time in the top storey.

Council’s acquisition of the previous Australian Joint Stock Bank at 331 Kent Street will allow us to develop a key cultural tourism attraction.  One of its prime purposes will be to share the story of PL Travers and her literary creation – Mary Poppins, and inspire people to further explore Maryborough’s own stories and create strong memories and connections during their stay.


If you have a Maryborough story that you think should be shared as part of this project, we'd love to know more.  Each story is valuable and may help us to develop future content for the trail or our public museums.

Submissions can be sent to: community& or shared at 


Kent Street Hub - Story Windows

One of the objectives of the Maryborough Story Trail project is to bring the art and culture, that you normally find inside museums and art galleries, on to the streets where it can be displayed proudly for all to see.  

Three new Story Windows have been installed at the Kent Street Hub that offer a unique opportunity for community members and organisations to share their story. The display cases will be changed quarterly and we welcome submissions from the community to inspire new stories.

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