“We do not see things as they are,
We see things as we are.” 
Anais Nin

What's The Story?

Take a peek inside the cabinets at The Hub on Kent Street in Maryborough.
What do you think is the story behind the objects?

Share your story with us.

Write a short story (maximum 500 words) about one of the objects in the "What's The Story" cabinets.

Send it to us along with your name, age and telephone number via:
  -  email: community&[email protected]; or
  -  hard copy to Gatakers Artspace, 311 Kent Street, Maryborough.

Please note that all stories may be used for future promotional material.

Our stories

What’s The Story? Jhazara Taylor

It was a dark, stormy night, the wind was deafening, the rain was like needles on faces and on the body. The lightning was blinding and thunder like the mighty roar of a lion. Little streams turned into giant, rough rivers and the sky was black, as black could be.

What’s The Story? By Sophie, Tilly, Jamee and Liam

For the chair is not a chair at all but a time portal!  That’s correct! I’m not pulling your leg.

What's The Story? By Logan Dudley

...P.L. Travers walked into a museum one day and saw it. She made the world famous story Mary Poppins based on the story relatives of the ancestors of the man that found it.