Wongi Waterholes & Lake Lenthall


Wongi Waterholes

The Wongi Waterholes are 25km north-west of Maryborough. Head 12.5km towards Childers on the Bruce Highway then turn left at the signpost and drive 10km into the picnic and camping areas along a gravel road.

A string of beautiful waterholes fringed by paperbarks and surrounded by eucalypt forest and exotic pine plantations make Wongi State Forest and reserve a special place to visit.

The waterholes are a golden-brown colour from tannins leached from the paperbarks.  Reflections can often be seen in the still waters. Hoop pine rainforest, open eucalypt forest, open woodland with a heath understorey, and exotic pine plantations grow in Wongi. The National Bicentennial Trail passes through the forest.

Two picnic areas are provided beside the waterholes or you can camp under the shady eucalypt trees at the Wongi camping area, which has sites to suit families, groups, caravans, tents and motorhomes. Picnic tables, toilets, cold showers and tank water are provided.

Camping permits are required and self-registration is available at the camp ground. You can swim, but never jump or dive into the waterholes and children need to be closely supervised.

Lake Lenthall

Lake Lenthall is reached by turning off the Bruce Highway about halfway between Torbanlea and Maryborough.

Lake Lenthall Recreation Park is a haven for those wanting a peaceful fishing or picnicking experience.

Nestled in the Wongi State Forest  and accessible via a gravel road it is officially stocked with Australian bass, barramundi, golden perch (yellowbelly) and silver perch. A fishing permit is needed.

The lake is also the primary source of water supply to Hervey Bay and covers an area of approximately 400 hectares, with a shoreline of about 53 kilometres. At full storage level it has a capacity of 17,800 mega-litres. The dam wall is 350 metres long.

Public access is now available from 6am-4pm daily.

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