Bronzed Beauties - Various artists


Sat, 8 August to Sat, 19 September Free
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Sat, 8 August to Sat, 19 September

This exhibition highlights the recently created bronze sculptural works of the 9 participants in the Bronze Casting Workshop held at Matilda Foundry, Maryborough in March, 2020.

This workshop was facilitated by Sheena Larsen and nationally respected bronze sculptor, Vlase Nikoleski and demonstrates the exceptional quality of sculptural output achieved by the participating artist sculptors.  Artist included: Sheena Larsen, Trevor Spohr, Elizabeth Maguire, Bill Sargent, Eva Nieminen, Arno Tesling, Jo Dansie, Valerie McIntosh and Elizabeth Hersey.

The workshop took students through all stages of the bronze casting process from initial wax moulding with ceramic shell medium to burn out and casting through to final finishing and patination of completed bronze sculptures.

This involved process will be displayed through a photographic sequence and tell a pictorial story of the workshop event. The pictorial display will be a supporting visual component and underlying story narrative for the main bronze sculptures exhibited. A short digital workshop movie is also available for display and will be potentially run via large screen during the exhibition.