What’s The Story? Jhazara Taylor


It was a dark, stormy night, the wind was deafening, the rain was like needles on faces and on the body. The lightning was blinding and thunder like the mighty roar of a lion. Little streams turned into giant, rough rivers and the sky was black, as black could be.

A man with a rough, hairy, black beard was walking in the streets, his white cane in his right hand, his light brown, rough hat on his head and his great, trustworthy German Shepard by his side.

Flash! Crack! Bang! Yoowww! Lightning had struck the man. His dog had been blinded. The man lay on the ground, his walking stick, hat one shoe and his wallet had been blasted 20 metres away.

His dog leapt up and without any hesitation sniffed its way to its owner and put its head under its owners arm and dragged him to the hospital. This was very hard because the dog was blinded.

The owner of the dog lived but everything he lost that night was never seen again… until now.

Congratulations to Jhazar Taylor who was one of three winners of our What's The Story? competition held during the 2017 Mary Poppins Festival.