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Welcome to 'A Change in Perception' – a 6 lesson online art course with Jo Williams.

In this series Jo uses 'the gift parcel' as the inspiration for a body of work.

"I devised the gift parcel for my art classes as a way for my participants to focus on pattern, texture, text, tone, shape, colour & composition in an intense minimalist way by wrapping eleven components – felt, red satin, corrugated paper, gold wallpaper, cork, hessian, un-primed canvas, black material, page of text, feather & a shell, and tying the parcel with coloured cord. The intention is to elicit an individual tactile or visceral response to each component through a series of diverse instructions.

"I invite participants doing this workshop to compose their own gift parcel or better still get a friend to compose one for them or if they are working in a class, swap parcels so there remains an element of mystery in the reveal.

"Thank You" – Jo Williams

You can find suggestions of suitable art materials to use from Jo at the bottom of this page.

These lessons were originally released weekly on the Our Fraser Coast FaceBook Page through June and July and are now available here to participate in at your leisure.

Lessons 1 & 2 – Drawing the Gift Parcel:



Lessons 3 & 4 – Collaging the Gift Parcel

Lessons 5 & 6 – Painting the Gift Parcel


Like everything, art mediums are very personal. Usually in my art classes I supply the first 2 weeks of mediums & papers so participants can experience the different mediums/papers to see what they respond to the most.

If for instance I put on a materials list - GRAPHITE – it’s like asking someone to go to the shop and just get milk. The Dilemma! The Variety! The Choices! can be overwhelming.

I have put an image of a canvas so you know to get canvases where the canvas goes right round the frame. Don’t get a canvas where the staples are exposed on the sides.     

Also if you carry a Visual Art Diary with you all you need is an Artline pen & Faber Castell (not the cheap pens) felt pens as they both smudge so they act like water colour. A couple of small brushes & a small bottle of water and you can document your visual diary anywhere.                            

That is why I have chosen a visual approach to mediums. The mediums can be found in many places besides your local art shops, listed below.

Truckloads. Flash Harry’s. Officeworks. Your local Newsagent. Lincraft.

But the large sheets of cartridge papers, canvas, good quality acrylic paints (not student quality) & flow mediums can only be found in the your local art shops:

WIDE BAY GALLERY – Bette  228 Street Adelaide Street Maryborough.

Phone: 0741221858 Email:

If you join their art club you get %10 off all your purchases & a monthly newsletter providing information on workshops etc.

ARTPLUS – Marlies & Phil Oakley 15a Electra Street Bundaberg. Phone: 41514665          Email:

ArtPlus also have workshops available and have had an art delivery program through the Covid-19 lockdown.

So depending on your finances I have listed various other outlets because it’s not good to have the initial cost of art supplies stop you from creating. And you can add good quality product to your selection as you go along. I have also included two images of my art supplies and you can imagine making a materials list does to my head! Happy Creating!

– Jo Williams

Art materials recommended for the 'A Change in Perception' series of lessons

Art materials recommended for the 'A Change in Perception' series of lessons



These videos were produced as part of Fraser Coast Creates, an initiative of Fraser Coast Regional Council funded by The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), a partnership between the Queensland Government and Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Fraser Coast Creates

Fraser Coast Creates


Online Art Course with local artist Jo Williams